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Le Phare: hall seating 6000 / Chambéry

Sports and cultural facility - a beating heart lighting up

Interior and exterior lighting design of the leisure and sports complex in Chambery, France. The complex features two halls, one with 6 000 seats and another with 2 000 seats.The red concrete veil at the centre of the glass structure is lit like a red beating heart. Surrounding elements are bathed in frosty shades, setting off the red color.The square was designed as a beckoning area, featuring light poles with an unusual design and color effects that vary according to the season and the shows and events on offer.
Outdoor spaces are bathed in cold shades. The “gaps” that allow the audience to leave are lit in the same way as the red concrete veil.The stairs leading to the exit are lit by fluorescent bars placed between the handrails (see upper picture).The red concrete veil stands out like a vivid mark. It is lit from the top of the glass structure by 100 low-angle red LED bars. From the floor of the first floor (above ground level), special LED bars bring a red-orangey-magenta range of color to the basis of the concrete veil.
The underside of the terraces is lit by spotlights in cold shades.

contracting authorityChambéry métropole
architectPatriarche & co
project managerLucas Goy
budget45 000 000 euros HT
project sizeint. 3000m² ext. 17500m²
pdfchambery_le phare_en [404 KB]