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B’twin village: Decathlon cycle factory and store / Lille

Former industrial wasteland transformed into a brand new site

The new b’Twin site is a huge building about to feature a cycle factory, a research department as well as indoor and outdoor cycle facilities providing a direct connection with the brand’s customers. The lighting design enhances the rehabilitation work that has been performed by the architects, through both the architectural lighting of the building (interior and exterior) and the illumination of the surroundings. This HEQ project achieves high energy conservation (with nearly 450 LED spots) and includes lighting furniture with a specific design.
The glass walls of the indoor sports facilities are lit by bluish lines.The façade’s bricks are highlighted by LED spotlights, which enliven the building’s warm tonality and allow it to be identified from a distance. The lighting comes from outdoor light poles – absolute multifunction devices that can also be used for signposting, sound output…Fluorescent light bars have been mounted under the saw-tooth roof in a predefined layout pattern, to provide interior lighting for the office premises and indoor sports facilities.The containers enclosing AHU equipments stand in the heart of the site; they are lit as a characteristic element of the building.
We are also in charge of the lighting of the site’s stores and restaurant.

architectPatriarche & Co. architectes
project managerles eclaireurs, Lucas Goy
budget48 000 000 euros ht
project sizeSHON 98000m² / ext. 15 ha
pdflille_btwin village_en [380 KB]