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Maes en Boereboomplein / Knokke-Heist (BE)

A municipal and housing pole, as a lighthouse in the city

The city of Knokke-Heist has undertaken a vast project to redevelop the Maes en Boereboomplein district through various interventions. Together with architects and landscapers, we design the lighting of public spaces and this community building. The lighting of the market square respects the night with very low ULOR <3%. The Community Building, as a reference to the city's port heritage and its containers, is treated as a nocturnal signal whose multiple shades reflect the diversity of its uses (housing, theater, police station, library, restaurant, etc.). The integrated LEDs do not distort facades during the day and give a complete reading of the building volume at night. Balcony lighting preserves the comfort of the inhabitants. Our mission includes interior lighting of the building, the city hall, auditorium and the undeground car park.

contracting authorityVille de Knokke-Heist
architectJakob & Macfarlane
landscape designerSempervirens
lighting designles éclaireurs