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Axel Springer Campus / Berlin (DE)

Complex acting of balance

The new building of the headquarter of Axel Springer in the heart of Berlin embodies the new ambition of one of the biggest german media group: pushing forward the digital media working. OMA designed an innovating and radical project: a diagonal atrium opens to the existing buildings where every level can diffuse its ideas within the Campus. We are creating a lighting which accentuate this interacting in this space where all the different energies are represented. The lighting of the whole building is a complex acting of balance that has to co-exist video screens, offices and working space lighting, lobby events, the daylight contribution, and so on. We are covering the design of all lighting: facades, atrium, offices, parking spaces…

contracting authorityAxel Springer
lighting designles éclaireurs
budget180 000 000 euros
surface projet82 000 m²