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development of martroi square / orléans

a major historical square in the heart of the city

In the heart of Orléans, the Martroi square is the place of major representation of public life : meeting place, place of the daily and night-markets, the place of departure of big events as celebrations of Jeanne d’Arc. The project plans to simplify the square, today unreadable by the successive developments, with an immense carpet of slate. Games of fountains and mists surrounds the central statue of Jeanne d’Arc. The light is confidentially connected to this device : projections of clouds and tints of lights create a daily atmosphere in these mists. The evenings of events, the mists and the fountains stops. The light becomes again white soft or adapts itself to the needs of events. The lighting of neighboring historic facades is reshaped to make it softer and in compliance with the atmosphere of the square.

contracting authorityville d'orléans
landscape designerin situ paysagiste
video designfranck cazenave
lighting designles éclaireurs
budget8 500 000 HT
surface projet19 800 m²
concours2011 - non lauréat