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nH hôtel / toulouse

Un hôtel en tenue de soirée

Lighting design of a 4-star hotel with 150-room on the airport site. The building, in evening dress in her black and white tuxedo, reveals some of the commas in the facade. While the underside of the groundfloor undulates in a warm red and gold, stands out for its uniqueness. Lighting is inserted between the ceiling panels, and thrilled that matter, while creating delicate shadows games. The facade, made of Corian - a revolutionary material selected as a coating - provides a seamless surface where all games are allowed.

clientaéroport de Toulouse Blagnac
conception-réalisationDemathieu Bard Construction
architectatelier King Kong
lighting designles éclaireurs
budget19 680 000 euros ttc
project size8 359 m²