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Development of the Desnos area / Annemasse

Redevelopment of a sensitive area

Lighting design for the whole urban renewal area (where the French national agency for urban renewal (ANRU) offers property VAT relief): the market square and its promenade, landscaped spaces, the city’s BHLS connection (buses with high level of service). The project aims at boosting both the economy and the image of the neighborhood. It addresses insecurity issues by closing alleys inside the Auditorium building and designing a new façade for this major community facility. A specific consultation strategy has been designed, as well as cooperation tools (lighting training, highlighting of the neighborhood new identity through video clips shot on site and featuring today’s music).

contracting authorityville d’Annemasse
landscape designerIn Situ
project managerles éclaireurs
budget5 400 000 euros HT
pdfannemasse_desnos_en [117 KB]