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Peristyle district / Lorient

An exemplary eco-neighbourhood at the heart of a historic heritage

The former site of the East India Company, clinging to the hill Faouëdic promontory in Lorient, turns to host a program of mixed construction. The Peristyle is becoming a new place of centrality, dynamic and welcoming. Along military shipyards, between heritage and contemporary design, this project underscores each identity. An almost intimate domestic lighting to the peristyle, very soft lighting levels that favor the dark and can observe on the hill Faouëdic stars. Also discretion in the choice of furniture for the walk to the water's edge. The city dock and the dock are in turn treated as entertainment areas and nightlife. This is a project space where light can be written differently and bring the ambitions of the new place of destination of Lorient. The lighting masts assert themselves and become a part of urban planning.

contracting authorityville de Lorient
landscape designeragence TER
artistic directionles éclaireurs
budget13 500 000 euros ht
surface projet11 ha