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Girondins district / Lyon

Neighborhood revitalization, creation of a new centrality

In the heart of the Gerland district (Lyon), a changing area, the «Girondins project» creates a new centrality : housing, commercial activities, commercial revitalization, new routes, a green urban network... If the city lighting charter applies to the major axes, a new ambition is developed for routes. Lighting is discreet in several respects: LED lanterns hidden in the trees, poles implanted to release space for pedestrians. Two thoroughfares are distinguished : Mall Fontenay and Massimy square. Small LED lanterns, suspended catenary fixed front and pole, create a light canopy. The site is an active and strategic location at the exit of the subway, which focuses the business. A light frame is given to the square with high masts. Finally, pacified areas punctuate the area. The pedestrian refuge under large trees. Bright objects depict the space and create a relaxing atmosphere.

contracting authoritySERL
landscape designerBASE
technical studiesEgis France
lighting designles éclaireurs
budget28 000 000 euros ht
project size17 ha