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Banks of the Saône river / Châlon

The banks of the Saône, found a new space use

A scale project of conversion for about 4 km of the banks of the Saône river. From the southern entrance of the city to the Bastion Ste Marie, this arrangement offers to the historic center and its periphery, to back in touch with the Saone. The route is marked by a succession of squares and gardens with elaborated lighting scenes. The path of the docks, with his towering plane trees, creates a large pedestrian and cycles traffic that the lighting project unifies in the same soft light. At the heart of the old center , the Niepce square welcomes river tourism by four majestic needle masts. The project balances the road sharing, promoting walking, cycling and pedestrian, allowing new uses of the docks for the organization of cultural and sports events at the waterfront. The light strategy comes in links, city entries, polarities, gazebos, wild spaces, facades according to a truly sustainable and coherent lighting masterplan.

contracting authorityChâlon Val de Bourgogne
lighting designles éclaireurs
surface projet4 km / 12,5 ha
budget3 400 000 euros ht