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Ecofriendly development of a district / Juvignac

Eco-environmental approach for a mixed development zone

Eco-lighting design for GGL-Groupe (town planning and estate development): lighting of the site’s roads, parking lots and central square; lighting specifications for the various building plots. Significant work on energy costs reduction, maintenance limitation, light-switching management at night and the use of low-impact materials. Pilot project in sensor-controlled lighting (depending on vehicles traffic). The central square, located in the heart of the site, displays an atmosphere favourable to peaceful community life: round-shaped light projections repeat the geometrical pattern designed by the architect; furniture, trees and fountains are lit.

contracting authorityVille de Juvignac / GGL
architectagence Pierre Tourre
lighting designles éclaireurs
surface projet20 ha
lighting budget1 650 000 euros ht