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Development of the street “rue de Paris” / Vichy

An iconic street - lighting scenography

The “Rue de Paris” is a main street in the centre of Vichy, France; it links the city and its river, the Allier. To create an urban stroll through the city, making it possible to read its first crown and its different crossroads, we propose to stage urban hinges. The street’s bends and junctions are bathed in cold shades, where water-themed fragments of light are cast. Like the springs running in Vichy’s basement, graphic gushes of light mark the ground and the facades of crossroads.
The street is lit in a simple way, using specific and qualitative equipment.

contracting authorityville de vichy
landscape designeraxe saône
project managerles éclaireurs
budget4 700 000 HT
project size850 ml