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Development of steel mill park / Saint-Chamond

Evolutionary park in former industrial site

Conversion of the former army steel mill (where the famous Leclerc main battle tanks used to be manufactured by GIAT) into a site hosting public, secondary and tertiary activities. In the course of the steel mill existence, the site had always been kept closed to the public, due to military secrecy, so it has long been considered a forbidden place. The project sets out to open it by creating a park that will evolve over time, along with the site transformations.
Our lighting design enhances the contemporary landscaping of the site by a shade of white light, and displays the remaining elements of its industrial past in an orangey shade. Pylons, chimney pots and other devices that once were used in the steel mill process now punctuate night walks in the park.

contracting authorityCAP métropole
landscape designerIn Situ paysagiste
project managerles éclaireurs
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