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Lighting for the floral park / Orléans

A lighting path in a floral park...

In the context of the city of Orleans lighting masterplan, we were commisionned to developp the illumination masterplan of the floral park. Closed to the public under normal circumstances, the park is open a few nights each summer. The lighting is an attraction in itself. During those nights the public is invited to walk in the dark, with lanterns or flashlights, according to the set light and darkness which limits it. Total darkness in some areas is a major issue. The other tool, light, subtly plays the staging of the landscape or objects, such as the strengthening of certain pathways to frame, limiting the visitors ambulation.
The discovery of the park is divided into sequences like scenes with transitions between them, allowing the visitor to rest and to sense the night.

contracting authorityville d’orléans
lighting designerles éclaireurs