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Jules Ferry Wharf Development / Nouméa

In Nouméa, the Jules Ferry docks, a new night attraction

To revitalize its city centre and its seaside, the City of Nouméa is carrying out an urban development operation on the Ferry docks to create an attractive waterfront that will allow the city centre to be reconnected to the sea. The lighting project offers the quays the role of Nouméa's port showcase for cruise tourists and a major role in the night life of the nouméans. A set of colourful light effects are reflected in the harbour of the mirror city. Our mission goes to buidling lighting design to public spaces and includes dynamic illuminations.

contracting authorityville de nouméa
architectP.Jarcet et Patriarche & Co.
budget19 000 000 euros
landscape designerIn Situ
technical studiesSoproner & Ciel
lighting designles éclaireurs