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Prada Foundation / Milan (IT)

converting a factory into an art gallery

Conversion of the Largo Isarco factory, near the Porta Romana station, into an art center for the Prada Foundation. Exhibition of collections from the foundation (modern art, fine, contemporary art) and temporary exhibitions. Auditorium, projection room, exhibition halls, restaurant, VIP podium evening ... the foundation is thought as an evolving and transformable space. The lighting is suitable for the different architectural registers (new parts and rehabilitated parts). The lighting is simple and allows diffused light, dimmable. Built mainly with fluorescent tubes of light the project promotes a true graphic design and a lighting design with an aesthetic "no design" extensively studied.

contracting authorityFondazione Prada
architectOMA / R. Koolhaas, C.Van Duijn, F. Pompignoli
scenographydUCKS scéno
lighting designles éclaireurs
budget48 200 000 euros
project size19 000 m²