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BLOX / Copenhague (DK)

a building with multiple readings

Interior and exterior lighting design of a building located along the Inderhavn canal, in Copenhagen : exhibition space and bookstore of the Danish Architectural Center, auditorium, corridors, Realdania's office, living spaces at the last two levels, but also playgrounds and skate-park area outside, promenade along the former Docks. The multiple functions of the building are mixed with the street space. Between above and below, combining the views between public and private space, privacy and public space, playing limits. © images OMA.

contracting authorityRealdania Byg
architectOMA - Elen Van Loon
technical studiesArup
scenographyDucks scéno
lighting designles éclaireurs
project size65 200 m²
budget174 000 000 HT