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Developments of mall Atoll / Angers

First french commercial ecofriendly shopping center

The new commercial center Atoll in Beaucouzé, close to Angers, is like an island : a 2km ring containing shops, only accessible from the inner core. The pure perforated skin has three outside entrances leading to a central parking. Atoll is the first French éco-commercial parc. The lighting make it glow as a landscape signal. The dynamic lighting of the perforated skin makes the enclosure radiate as a landmark in the meadows. On the other hand, the inner skin is fixedly illuminated. The light adapts to the events and communication of the centre. The Inner core and its trees, its giant stones containing shops, its circulations... are also lit.

contracting authoritycompagnie de Phalsbourg
architectantonio Virga & vincent Parreira
project managergirec
technical studiesbfi
artistic directionles éclaireurs
project size22 ha
budget128 000 000 H.T
photographereric Heranval
linkle moniteur du 24/05/2012