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Wkyscraper Silex2 / Lyon

A highlighting playing temporalities

The existing structure of Silex II is rehabilitated and expanded a new thickness and desk height, transforming the tower in a skyscraper of nearly 110 m. The new clear volume is increased by a large triangular structure and highlighted by LED lines. The new facade provided by this extension is highlighted by the inner light decrescendo of the offices. This highlighting creates a matrix that is animated for events such as the Fête des Lumières (Festival of Lights), while in everyday lighting is simpler. The headgear is highlighted from the inside. It shows the overall structure of the building that emerges there. The active base, catering and stores, is illuminated throughout the night, according to the light level allowed in the district of the Part-Dieu. The agency also designs lighting of Silex I, the next building.

contracting authorityFoncière des Régions
architectMà architectes
lighting designles éclaireurs