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Biometrics exhibition / Paris

Scenography questioning biometrics

Semi-permanent exhibition (a year and a half) on biometrical tools and techniques, as well as their social and political implications, both current and forthcoming. The exhibition is organized in the form of workshops and offers visitors the opportunity to test the reliability of the existing techniques, after being registered in the exhibition's biometrical database. The workshops are completed by information about the “registration state” of the world populations.

clientcité des sciences et de l'industrie
lighting designcommissariat : Marie Pierre Lahalle muséographe : dorothée Vatinel
scenographyf.houndegla, l.goy scénographie, f.hahusseau graphisme
project managerpatrick roger suivi technique
budget250 000 euros HT
project size600 m²
pdfparis_biometrics_en [617 KB]