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80th anniversary of the gratte-ciel district / Villeurbanne

A 250m scenography on a temporary footbridge

The 80th anniversary of the gratte-ciels district, avant-garde neighbourhood designed by the French architect Tony GARNIER, is the occasion of a bridge through the ages and the space, for a three months exhibition. The footbridge links the original district to the future north extension. Eighteen towers punctuate the path with portraits of inhabitants blowing out candles for the birthday party. Those pictures are photographed by Vincent MUTEAU. The scenography deploys the history of the gratte-ciels all along the 250m footbridge, with a climax at the cylinder around an existing statue of a worker so called the Respite. Fluorescent vertical lines illuminate the towers while some profile projectors add shimmer to the outer skin of the cylinder and all around.

scenographydUCKS scéno
photographerVincent Muteau
lighting designles éclaireurs
image copyrightLucas Goy