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“The chandelier drop”, chimney des étaings / Rive-de-Gier

A lighthouse in the landscape of the valley

The tall chimney of Châteauneuf (France) based on the company's area of Industeel - ArcelorMittal today off and listed building, is a precious testimony of the industrial heritage of the Gier Valley. To give it a nocturnal presence we have adorned fairy lights in its upper part. The chemney now shines like a true lighthouse indicating the entrance of the city of Saint-Etienne. It consists actually in 32 fairy lights, each of about 300 LEDs that allow scrolling a video in very low resolution (32 x 40 pixels). Lucas Goy and Guillaume Marmin, designed the initial two videos, one permanent, the other produced for the International Design biennial. The equipment is designed to disseminate new posts during other major events. The installation, in addition to its very low energy consumption allows the listed building respect and the hawks nest perched at the top ...

clientsaint-etienne métropole
lighting designles éclaireurs
artistic directionlucas goy, artiste
video designguillaume marmin
surface projethauteur cheminée :108 mètres
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