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Les éclaireurs is a young, dynamic and motivated agency, working in France and abroad.

With annual sales of €750.000 ($ 900.000), and a strong team with a range of skills from town planning to architecture, our ambition is to extend our business to English-speaking countries and China, while continuing to develop our core business in France and Europe.

Our agency is recognized for its expertise and ability to deliver high requirement projects. We focus our attention on the details as well as the subsequent maintenance of the facilities. This is shown by the long term loyalty of our partnerships with both architects and clients.

We develop the networks and the automation systems for our lighting and are always looking for innovative solutions. We are able to offer bold and ambitious projects because of the strength of our technical expertise.

With a background in the creative arts, we are engaged in numerous collaborations with artists, designers and scenographers who are at the heart of new designs for architectural structures and urbanities.