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lucas goy

lighting designer, director

From 2004 to 2008 : independent lighting designer. From 2006 to 2008: subcontractor for other companies; project director and lighting designer for many projects in France and abroad. In 2008: founder and manager of / les éclaireurs //, lighting design and engineering company. Design member of the Professional Lighting Designers Association – PLDA. Active member of the French Lighting Designers and Engineers Association – ACE.

victoire richoux

head of strategy business development

With a degree in cultural engineering and a Master's degree in Art History, Victoire joined the office in 2018 after gaining professional experience in the field of contemporary art and communication. Her knowledge of the actors of architecture and her sense of aesthetics allows her to develop the network and the projects of the practice.

aurelien bourg

lighting designer, project leader

After a high school diploma STS electronic engineering in 2004, he is awarded a License diploma in 2007, of Conception and Management in lighting, in the IAE of Lyon. From 2007 to 2011 : he works for the NRA lighting company and develops numerous projects of development architectural, of internal lighting, of hotels, of businesses and swimming pools. In 2011, he joins the Vicarini Studio for assisting a lighting designer. Since April 2012, he is a project manager of / the enlighters / les éclaireurs // : he realizes the creative part, executes and conceives the graphic and technical documents throughout the missions. Fort of its experiment, he possesses a robust experience in the project management and the follow-ups of construction site.

alizée billois

project leader, lighting designer

Alizée began her creative journey with a BTS in Space Design at ENSAAMA in Paris. In parallel with her training in a professional degree in "Lighting Design and Management" from IAE Lyon, she works as a lighting design assistant in the ILEX PAYSAGES office, focusing on lighting issues. In 2018, she joined the office les éclaireurs as lighting designer. Her studies in applied art give her a more "sensitive" vision of urban space and light as "matter".

sara aschei

lighting designer, architect, project leader

Sara followed her architectural studies at the Politecnico di Milano in Italy and chose a lighting subject for her diploma « The visible city – a lightning conception for the historical centre of Pavie ». After one year of working in companies of architecture or engeneering, where she got a high quality for 3D modelling, she decided to join / the enlighter / les éclaireurs / to specialise her experiences in lighting design. Sara is triligual, works in a creative and sensible way with a high degree for graphical presentation.

anaëlle vinçot

lighting designer, project leader

Anaëlle began her creative career by a Space Design degree at La Martinière in Lyon. Also graduated in Lighting Design, she kept learning at Cobalt company and then she worked as an assistant for one year at ON company in Paris. Back in Lyon, she joined / les éclaireurs // as an lighting designer assistant. She works at any scale of project, indoors and outdoors.

emy chabert

lighting designer, engineer, project leader

In parallel of her Atmosphere and Comfort for Architecture and Urbanism Degree in Bordeaux, and after a Civil Engineering and Construction degree in Lyon, Emy completes her lighting design learning and valids it with a training at / les éclaireurs //. She joined the company in 2016 as an assistant lighting designer. With her background, she is trained and sensitive to the natural light, so she particularly develops this topic.

xiaolei rong

Engineer, lighting designer

Xiaolei arrived in France in 2013 after graduating a civil engineering degree at Beijing University. Then she prepared the Master Ambiance and Comfort for Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Bordeaux and chose to specialize in lighting design. Xiaolei integrates the agency / les eclaireurs // to complete her degree in 2017.

giovanni palacino

lighting designer, project leader

Giovanni began his interest in light in 2011, during his studies at the Beaux-Arts in Dijon. In 2014, after a Master's degree in Space and Environmental Design, he completed his professional training at the Concepto office in Paris. Holder in 2015 of a Master 2 Public Space "Design, architecture, practices", he joined the team of les eclaireurs in 2018. As a founding member of the collective Les Machinistes de l'espace public, he is interested in placing the inhabitants at the heart of the city's factory, exploring and understanding the atmospheres and practices of public spaces through light and activating them as places for meetings and debates.

claudia murch

architect, consultant

In 2001, Claudia got her architectural diploma at the Polytechnical University Carolo- Wilhemina of Braunschweig (Germany), focused on sustainable architecture and energetic problems and started to work in France at the agencies Christian Drevet, STRATES and Chabanne & partners. She completed her technical experiences and gratuated with a diploma in QEB (ecological building design) and a diploma in « renovating buildings with low energetical consommation ». Claudia is trilingual and knows managing building projects in a autonomous way. She works regularily for the office as a free-lance.


L'agence a eu le plaisir de collaborer avec : Raphaël PREZELIN, Sylvain GADEL, Marine LINDER, Romain LATARD, Florian BERGERA, Aurélie VINCENT, Mathilde BLANCO, Cindy GAILLARD, Carola RUNCI, Claudia MURCH, Marianne LUGNIER, Angeliki TAGARA.